Double your internet speed with Bonded Internet

We use cutting-edge technology to deliver super fast internet all over Australia.

Whether you’re stuck with a slow connection or internet is unavailable in your area, we can help.

What are the advantages of faster internet in the workplace?

Boost workplace productivity

A slow internet connection can prevent staff from working at optimum efficiency. The time spent waiting for a page to load could be used on something more productive.

By utilizing our services you can more than double your internet download & upload speeds to reduce downtime and boost workplace productivity.

No matter how you look at it, fast internet = fast results.


More control over your network

Our bonded solutions offer the power to manage the way your network distributes bandwidth. We can limit certain applications or users and give priority access to certain staff.

In addition, intuitive monitoring software allows us to see where and how your data is being used in order to optimize your network, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Our top features and benefits we know you’ll love.

Faster Downloads

Faster internet means faster downloads. Load web pages and videos within a blink of an eye. Read More…



Our hardware gives you the power to allocate a certain amount of bandwidth to each application or user on the network. Read More…


Security takes security very seriously and ensures your network is protected using the latest software & hardware. Read More…

Faster Uploads

Tasks like uploading a document, sending emails or backing up your data to the cloud will be significantly quicker. Read More…



Additional lines means a more resilient connection. If one line suffers downtime, the remaining lines hold strong. Read More…

Fast Local Network

Being able to transfer and share files between devices on the local network quickly and efficiently will boost productivity. Read More…

See what our customers are saying…

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Mark Baker


“Absolutely fantastic service from these guys – absolutely awesome business who deserve to grow and prosper – I’d have no problem wholeheartedly recommending BondedInternet to any colleagues or friends. Thanks so much!”

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Paul Carter

CasuarinaSalt Chiropractic

“Awesome, efficient service. Really got their finger on the pulse for the needs of small businesses. Highly recommend these guys (and you don’t have to deal with your ISP directly).”

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Andrew Hughes


“Wow ..It all sounded good in writing, then when we got started and I had the pleasure of this service handed over to me. I couldn’t believe that there are still people out there that are passionate about what they do and don’t walk around with blinkers on”

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